Ambassadors / United States / Arizona

Jarrett Benkendorfer


Jarrett Benkendorfer recently graduated with honors from the University of Arizona with a degree in Political Science. He serves as a Precinct Committeeman in his home state of Arizona, and also works as a respite provider for children with autism. As an undergraduate, Jarrett was extensively involved in student government and spent much of his academic focus on philosophy, politics and law. He came across the Seasteading Institute while writing a paper on how the principles of Austrian economics could benefit developing societies. Immediately, Jarrett became enamored with the social scientific ideas of creating seasteading communities, in which different ideas for governance can be demonstrated as effective or ineffective.

“International crises have sparked outcries in regions across the globe, but social scientists and politicians are unsure what policies and systems need to be in place in order to promote peace. Seasteading is a pioneering venture that can promote freedom, and I would very much like to become a part of the process.”

JP Taxman

Phoenix – LinkedIn

JP Taxman is an entrepreneur in Phoenix, Arizona. He enjoys building communities consisting of like minded individuals who want to improve themselves and those around them. His back ground is in business and communications, and he strongly believes that with clear communication between individuals and teams almost anything can be achieved. The company he’s currently working on building is called Plucky, which is a software company that develops mobile apps. The first app being CreateMi which is an app that will give people the freedom to create their own emojis.

It is his strong belief that seasteading it’s one of the possible ways to take humanity to the next level of consciousness and livability. Humanity has outgrown it’s archaic governmental and societal structures and needs something new that can coincide with the technological revolution of the 21st century.