Ambassadors / Ukraine

Daria Sinichenko

Kiev – LinkedIn

Daria Sinichenko has Masters Degree in Law, and graduated from the Jonkoping International Business School in Sweden with a Masters Degree in Business Administration. Her Masters Thesis explored ways to achieve sustainability within communities through market research on sustainable service carsharing. She is currently a Business Development Manager, working in Kiev for a legal consulting company, FRIDRICH INVEST s. r. o., and frequently travels internationally for business. She also works with StingyFund, an Online Charity Foundation that enables individuals to contribute to themselves and society by means of active participation in educational, environmental activities and events organized by the charity’s members. With her colleague, she entered StingyFund in the Schneider Electric contest in 2012 and won the semi-final of ‘Go Green in the City’ challenge.

“I have traveled throughout Asian and Latin American countries in recent years and due to work experience and have observed different political systems and social iniquities. This has motivated me to take steps towards trying to change the existing order in social and political systems. The Seasteading Institute will inspire a new social community model, which in turn will also have a tremendous impact on countries with imperfect government and political systems. My goal as an Ambassador is to promote the main project idea, to get involved more people who share the floating city vision and values as participators, volunteers, ideologists, investors and partners.”