Ambassadors / Thailand

Frédéric Ronsyn

Phuket – LinkedIn

Frédéric Ronsyn is an experienced French Teacher in International Schools around the world. Frédéric has worked on three continents and is a graduate from the University of Bath in the UK. He is the son of a diplomat and the little son of Dr. Joseph Ronsyn recipient of the highest distinction of Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) for finding the mode of transmission of the disease from the Green Monkey (Marburg virus).

Frederic spent his childhood in Africa and worked as a teacher in Kinshasa (DRCongo), Vietnam, Thailand and recently in Switzerland. Prior to his teaching career, Frédéric was also a professional cartoonist.

Now, Frédéric, his wife named Mai, his two children Princeton and Aston live happily in Phuket (Thailand) near the beach.

“I think the Seasteading Institute and its Floating City Project is a unique opportunity to create a revival in this globalized society, to start all over again, from scratch. Floating Cities will attract all idealists, brains and innovators from everywhere on the planet; and together we aim at a brilliant ideal. We must unite to create a free, sustainable and more peaceful world for the future generations to come, through innovation. Seasteading is simply the answer.”