Ambassadors / Sweden

Emil Dahl


Emil has just finished his engineering degree in sustainable energy technology with a master in wind and water power. His hopes for the future is to implement his knowledge in engineering to build for real sustainable solutions. Based on science and economics, not politics. He is also an advocate for freedom and voluntarism, helping the libertarian/ancap scene grow by contribution in meet ups and lectures.

“The Swedish people have despite their socialist past, been very open towards voluntarism and the libertarian base grows faster than ever thanks to the internet and companies such as Uber, Airbnb, blockchain and many more, that shows the madness of statism in a peaceful and marketable way. Seasteading is just another way to lead by example and show what is possible when we are free to try.”

“The creation of seasteading calls for new technologies and implementations, and I’m delighted to be part of this ground breaking project, pushing the borders of freedom and technology. What internet has done to information, bitcoin to money, seasteading will do for freedom! And this is awesome in every single way!“