Ambassadors / South Africa

Julian Le Roux

Cape Town – LinkedIn

Julian became interested in seasteading when he heard Patri predict on the BBC One Planet radio show that seasteads would attract two types of people—skilled migrants from developing countries, and entrepreneurial pioneers. Julian notes, “I am both those people.”

“In my lifetime, over a million skilled individuals have fled South Africa due to problems created by seriously dysfunctional government. No doubt they went through immense stress and struggle to obtain work permits, residency and citizenship—all to be ruled by states that are only slightly better. For me, even an early seastead sounds like a superior prospect.”

Seasteading also brings out Julian’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“The business opportunities and challenges genuinely excite me, to say nothing of the technological and futuristic aspects. As an anarcho-capitalist, the chance to try revolutionary ideas and institutions that are prohibited on land is tantalizing. Actually living in a truly free society, that would be a dream come true…The end goal of seasteading is to catalyse technological progress in the industry that needs it most—the most important industry of all—governance. The effect this could have on global quality of life, and the course of human history, cannot be overstated.”