Ambassadors / Slovakia

Aleš Nohel

Bratislava – Twitter – LinkedIn

“I have been dreaming about this concept since I have been able to comprehend the size of oil rigs and restrictiveness of governments. I know this is a great proving ground for self-sufficient human colonies that are based on the newest of technologies that can help us prepare for colonization of space and avoid the mistakes of the past. This concept will enable the new countries to leap and bound over existing nations as it happened during the industrial revolution. I would like to be a part of this revolution as I see it as a great opportunity to forward a good cause. The concepts and hurdles are challenging in a way that is similar to those we will face when expanding into space commercially and thus a great opportunity to use my skills and learn to apply them to tough negotiations. I hope to open the eyes of those who doubt the possibilities and benefits of seasteading. With various crises sweeping the world, this may be the best way to introduce new philosophies and socio-economic concepts without much of the resistance one would experience in trying to shift established political and cultural systems throughout the established states. I am eager to be part of this revolution as I like to challenge the status quo.”