Ambassadors / Russia

Anatoly Grigoryev

Saint Petersburg – LinkedIn

Anatoly is a Bitcoin/Forex trader and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He studied Economics in the “Upper Volga” Institute in Tver, Russia, and is a big fan of Austrian school of Economics. He is a self-educated web developer and previously had a SEO and web development business.

One day, Anatoly noticed that the price forecasting methods commonly used in currency trading can be used for real world events forecasting. Since then, Anatoly has examined events in the history of human civilization and attempted to analyze and forecast events for the next years/decades/centuries. He sees big changes in the world in the near future, and predicts that seasteading will be the origin of a brand new human civilization which will rise during this century.

His goal as an Ambassador for The Seasteading Institute is to promote the concept of seasteading to people and help make the Floating City project successful.

“Most startup entrepreneurs are obsessed with the idea to change the world. I believe it’s not enough. Now is the time to create brand new world for better living.”

Egor Ryjikov

Moscow – LinkedIn 

Egor Ryjikov is originally from Minsk, Belarus, and has lived in Moscow, Russia for the last 17 years. He is a founder and a managing partner at Weber CoMechanics, a group of companies based in Russia involved in production, integration, supply, service and engineering of robotics and other industrial production equipment. He is also involved in several startup ventures relating to publishing, as well as R&D and production of scientific and medical equipment. After university, Egor lived for 2 years in Auroville, India, where he did volunteer work in the city – one of the world’s largest and oldest intentional international communities. He is interested in robotics, management, aquaponics, additive manufacturing, engineering, business, diplomacy and architecture.

“I came to the idea of seasteading during a trip to Shanghai in 2005. Since then I keep coming back to thinking about this concept and believe that it could be the biggest thing since invention of a gun powder.”

Yuri Lobynstev

Yuri is an out of the box inventor.
Beginning investor, tech entrepreneur, digital products leader, distributed applications developer, community coordinator, round-the-world traveler, surfer. Member of Global Shapers community.

Yuri is a man of an extraordinary abilities, started coding at 10 years. Built award-winning Innovative Apps Development studio – Octabrain, leading the strategy of Cindicator – the revolutionary technology of Hybrid Intelligence, traveled the world, won competitions in sailing sports, math & informatics, highly skilled in rapid nonclassical problem-solving with unorthodox & novel approaches. Passionate about new challenges and revolutionary Ideas. Higher education background in math and computer science whilst having the professional background in software technologies.

Involved in the spheres of deep psychology, human and machine consciousness, complex systems interaction, neuro-communications and explorations beyond rational limits.
Current main points of interests: innovations, FinTech, Neuro-Technologies, Decentralised Systems, Hybrid Intelligence and deep experiences.

“I am happy to help the Seasteading movement. I believe that this is one of the truly evolutionary developments of the modern society and the creation of the new decentralised society that will help humanity to save our Planet’s resources more effectively, as well as using them more responsible, and therefore that will enrich our lives and lives of our descendants.”