— Ambassador / Pakistan

Zeeshan Usmani


Dr. Usmani is a freelance A.I, Data Sciences and BlockChain consultant. He has worked with the United Nations, Farmer’s Insurance, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, 1-800-Flowers, Planned Parenthood, Vicrtoria’s Secret, MetLife, SAKS Analytics, North Carolina Health Department and some other small companies, governments, and universities in the US, Pakistan, Canada, United Kingdom, Lithuania, China, Bangladesh, Ireland, Sri Lanka and the Middle East. He has a lifelong interest in connecting humans with machines and creating a parallel society to better humanity.

“I see the Seasteading Institute as a need of the time. Its inevitable, urgent and necessary to provide a second home for planet earth. For many its somewhere outside the planet, for Seasteading, it is right here hiding in front of our eyes. Floating nations will be as common in 20 years as cruise ships today. Welcome on-deck for a better and sustainable future for all.”