Ambassadors / Netherlands

Mario Rueda

Amsterdam – Website – LinkedIn

Although Mario was born in Colombia, he considers himself a World Citizen. He has lived in five countries, speaks Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese fluently, and has some knowledge of French and Mandarin. He has worked since he was 19 to pay for his studies and his traveling. From working as a gardener and a housekeeper to a forensic engineer, Mario has successfully built his own international career path. Mario enjoys getting inspired by TED lectures and non-fiction books, particularly on the subjects of leadership, social psychology and futurism. Three of his greatest hobbies are bartending, socializing and dancing. Mario sees himself as a connector. He dreams with living in a more united world — a visa-less territory.

Sean Hickman

Amsterdam – LinkedIn

Sean Hickman has been interested in topics such as politics, governance, and international affairs since a young age. Having been raised in a region in Spain where there is a significant separatist movement, he also became interested in geopolitics and challenges to current political systems, developing a skepticism towards the geographical and territorial status quo in the world, and noticing the obvious inefficiency of the international political system. Having taken many international relations and politics courses at his university in Amsterdam, Sean had the chance to write papers and present on secessionist movements, new country projects, and challenges to the international political order. During his research for a papers in early 2011, Sean came across The Seasteading Institute, and was instantly intrigued by its mission, the reasons behind it, and its strategy for accomplishing it. He feels especially strongly about the need for innovation in politics and governance in the 21st Century, and in January 2012, he volunteered to write a research paper on flagging options for early seasteading ventures. Now that Sean has completed his Bachelors degree, he is eager to continue contributing as an ambassador.