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Phil Rocquemore

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Phil Rocquemore is a self-optimizing poker researcher who uses online poker games as a testing ground for his research into poker strategy and decision-making. Phil blogs, lectures, writes articles and details his adventures hacking his cognition and habits at He holds degrees in Physics from the University of Oxford and the University of Pennsylvania, which he attended on a Thouron scholarship, and has represented the English national bridge team. He never turns down an invitation to dance.

“I am a Seasteading ambassador because I believe that building new, floating, autonomous city-states presents mankind’s best opportunity to promote the rights of the most valuable and most vulnerable minority: the individual. One of the key challenges with new, paradigm-shifting projects is articulating their value to a group that doesn’t yet understand the concepts involved, or is even openly hostile. My skill-set makes me ideal for pitching seasteading to others, since I will always remain composed in dialogue, even when the stakes are high.”