Ambassadors / India

Aditya Bakshi

New Delhi – LinkedIn

Aditya Bakshi serves in the Merchant Marine as a Chief Officer and has sailed on all kinds of vessels and all around the world. He brings his extensive knowledge and experience of the maritime industry, and has authored technical papers on maritime security as well as a book, titled “Terror on the High Seas.” More recently, Aditya penned a graphic novel series, “Indian War Comics,” and has received a good response. The series gives a real-life portrayal of martyrs and terrorist incidents affecting India, to promote an anti-terror sentiment, and encourage his people to rise above their differences.

As an ambassador, Aditya hopes to assist the mission of seasteading by providing technical advice in his key areas of expertise, and promote the vision through graphic novels, animation and other outreach. Lastly, Aditya believes that seasteaders will go down in history as the pioneers of the “Aquarian Age.”

Salik Shah

New Delhi – LinkedIn – Twitter 

Salik Shah is a science fiction writer and filmmaker. His work has been nominated for Toto Awards and Kumaon Literary Festival’s Fellows of Nature, and one of his short stories appear in a course syllabus at SOAS University in London. He is the founding editor of Mithila Review, Asia’s leading science fiction and fantasy journal with media appearances in prominent publications around the world. He is a true seasteader at heart— his writings explore alternate futures, fluid identities and open movement across shifting geographies and borders. He has a degree from Film and Television Institute of India, and has written a feature film, and produced documentaries and videos. A former journalist and copy editor with The Miami Herald International, he has led youth awareness and engagement campaigns for leading international brands and social causes. As a creative leader and entrepreneur, he has worked with media and advertising houses in Asia, Europe and America. His clients include startups and multinational firms.

“I believe Seasteading is more than a science fantasy—it could actually help bring humanity closer to an era of sustainability, global citizenship, abundance and freedom. With bold and disruptive startups from mobile cities in the international waters, I think we should be able to solve some of humanity’s persisting problems here on earth before we can venture beyond.”


Venkatesh Geriti

Hyderabad – Twitter – LinkedIn

Venkatesh has been an advocate for liberty and limited government for over the past four years. He is CEO of India’s Future foundation, a free market educational organisation based in Hyderabad, India. He graduated from from JNAFAU, Hyderabad, India with a degree in Digital Technology and served as Founder and President for Students For Liberty – South India after his charter team training in June 2013. Venkatesh is an alumnus of Centre for Civil Society Academy, Atlas Network Thinktank101 International Academy of Leadership (IAF), an Academic division of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom, and Gummers Bach, Germany. He served as Co-founder of Youth For Better, an India youth organization with a strong emphasis on a corruption free India. He also worked as an outreach and training assistant for Foundation for Democratic Reforms, and for the India pro-liberty political party ‘Lok Satta Party’ as a part of the state student leaders and state youth leaders. He is also working as the 2014-15 Coordinator for an online magazine called “Young Journalists and Writers.” He was a finalist of “International youth icon awards-2014” by Kafka Development Organization.

“I found out about The Seasteading Institute through my work with Students For Liberty and International Society for Individual Rights ( after attending an international conference in China. Seasteading is a way to achieve liberty, advancement of societies and innovation in technologies through experimentation with governance, and my goal as an Ambassador is to share this message internationally.”