Ambassadors / Hong Kong

Leonhard Weese

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Leonhard comes from a small but fairly autonomous region in the mountains of Italy, where he learned early how well small local governments perform when compared to their centralist counterparts. He went on to study economics in Vienna, prompting an interest in the ideas of competitive governance and seasteading. Leonhard currently lives in Hong Kong, where a metropolis struggles and strives between an authoritarian government and a laissez-faire economy, and where moving onto the waters seems like a very logical next step. Since earning a Masters degree in statistics, he has been working with a small data collection/analysis startup as a data miner, and is currently engaged in a promising idea around mobile microevent management (imagine a mobile, spontaneous version of Leonhard hopes to arrange a meetup group in Hong Kong for people who are interested in discussing political philosophy. He also plans to promote the vision of seasteading through boat tours, taking advantage of the city’s industrial harbor and existing boating culture to create attractive events.

“I believe the people in Hong Kong who are curious and supportive of the idea should be regularly brought together, and maybe one day we can move out of the Pearl River Delta into the unchartered territories of the South China Sea.”