Ambassadors / Greece

Filippos Lymperopoulos

Athens – LinkedIn

Filippos Lymperopoulos is currently an International Baccalaureate student at the Hellenic American Educational Foundation (H.A.E.F.). He is a member of his school’s M.U.N. (Model United Nations) and has attended THIMUN and the Edinburgh Conference as a delegate of the Environmental Committee. He was also a volunteer of Lifeworks International in Ecuador and the Amazon Rainforest, and is an editor for his school’s newspaper. Filippos has participated in conferences with the Unesco Club and was his school’s ambassador in the ACSTAC Technology Conference. He has also participated in a Greek-American Exchange Program, served as President of his school’s Student Council, and plans to study engineering. As an ambassador, Filippos hopes to recruit intelligent and thoughtful collaborators, whose priorities do not only aim at technological and scientific advancements, but also fall within a framework of ethics that safeguard the common good.

“Seasteading in its optimal form could provide a new sort of modern utopia, in the ancient Greek sense of the word, where excellence is the empowering force, thus creating knowledgeable, sophisticated citizens who take pride in working for the common good.”

Manolis Katsouris

Athens – LinkedIn

Manolis is currently a high school student in the Hellenic-American school of Greece in the International Baccalaureate. He’s attended several tournaments for his school’s Forensics Debate club, is a member of the M.U.N (Model United Nations), and attended the Political Committee in the Edinburgh Conference. On weekends he tutors children in immigrant schools and volunteers at the Greenpeace organization in Greece. Manolis writes for the school newspaper monthly and plans to study engineering.

“I strongly believe in political autonomy and societal justice in the sense that people have inherent rights to do what they desire, as long as they do not harm others. We live in a world where politics influence and shape our everyday lives. Being an Ambassador at the Seasteading Institute enables me to make a real, tangible change in the future of our globe. I am happy to be at the forefront of human progress and gain access into the constantly beating heart of international affairs.”