Ambassadors / Ghana

Alfred Amanor

Accra – LinkedIn

Alfred Amanor lives in the city of Accra, in Ghana, where he works as a consultant and technician in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Currently, he is completing his last year towards a Professional Diploma in Network Engineering. Alfred seeks to spread the word of peace among his friends and colleagues, and sees the seasteading ambassadors program as a way to help promote freedom and equal rights among citizens. He is particularly eager to recruit young talents to contribute to our efforts to develop new nations and conduct experiments with governance for the benefit of all citizens. Having seen the way people live comfortably in the fluid environment of the Amansuri wetlands in Ghana, Alfred is eager to see what can be accomplished on a larger scale on the ocean. He believes that seasteading can eventually help reduce the cost of living, cure diseases, and of course, promote new innovation in governance.