Ambassadors / Denmark

Anders Arfelt

Copenhagen – LinkedIn

Anders Arfelt has a rich history working with ocean industries and is planning to assist in our outreach to regulatory bodies and maritime organizations. He is currently director for a Dutch protection and indemnity insurance specialists company, where his specialties include maritime risk management for ocean vessels. Previously he was a senior international affairs officer at the Baltic International Maritime Council (BIMCO), the chief officer responsible for the development of emergency organization at Norwegian Cruise Line, and a maritime casualty manager and investigator at Skuld P&I. Anders holds an unlimited master’s certificate for oceangoing vessels.

“I strongly believe that the solution to many of the problems experienced globally can be found in the maritime domain,” states Anders. “Therefore, I really want to make full use of my vast maritime experience to further the objectives of The Seasteading Institute. I have practical maritime experience from sailing the largest oil tankers ever built, to sailing cruise ships with thousands of individuals on board, to organizing and assessing safety and investigating accidents. I have lobbied for the shipping industry in relevant international and global institutions in order to seek to influence regulators and administrators. I am convinced that the experience and business models used in the traditional shipping industry, as well as their regulatory framework, will provide many of the solutions required to establish maritime industries and eventually seasteads.”

Lasse Birk Olesen

Copenhagen – LinkedIn

Lasse Birk Olesen is an engineering student and columnist. He has been a friend of The Seasteading Institute since 2009. In the past he has arranged for Patri to speak in Denmark to an audience of more than 100, has given six of his own seasteading talks, administered our 2009 seastead design contest, written three letters to the editor about seasteading, and arranged three seasteading meet-ups in Copenhagen. As an official ambassador he has already given a talk to a group of 30 people.