Ambassadors / Croatia

Josip Šimecki


Josip Šimecki is co-founder of a related Croatian nonprofit organization, Qualitas Vita, whose goal is to improve the quality of life using current and futuristic technology. His primary education was in IT and electronics, but he continues to educate himself in the areas of biology, neurobiology and renewable energy. Through his nonprofit, Josip hopes to bring people to a common forum to explore projects and ideas like seasteading. The abundant coastline and more than 1,000 islands in Croatia give this endeavor a particularly high chance of success, measured by the number of participants in seasteading-related projects. Josip envisions seasteads initially specializing in human resource-type services, such as IT, software development, etc., with low cost of infrastructure and commercial end products. These settlements, he thinks, will eventually give rise to food and energy production, research hubs, more advanced infrastructure such as bridges or tunnels, and eventually full-fledged cities and nation-states. However, he believes there are considerable political, economical and technological questions which need to be addressed before such ventures take place, and hopes his work as an ambassador will unlock some solutions to these questions.