November 6, 2018

Ambassador Podcast – Vote with Your Boat

In this inaugural, experimental podcast episode, seasteading lead ambassador Katie Chowne speaks with former ambassador coordinator Charlie Deist from aboard a small sailboat in the Berkeley Marina on election day 2018. Katie didn’t vote yesterday (she can’t – she’s Canadian), and while Charlie did, he feels deeply conflicted about his choice to spend 15 minutes filling out a provisional ballot in the wrong precinct. Either way, voting feels like a waste of time.

Charlie and Katie discuss the philosophical questions around ballot voting versus “foot voting” versus “boat voting.” They share how they each got into seasteading and what continues to interest them. They also swap stories of humbling experiences on the water, having both spent time living on boats.

Charlie, Katie, and Katie’s son Dezdin, aboard SV Adele.

Going forward, this podcast will be a way for the seasteading community to get to know one another, particularly highlighting the stories and motivations of our volunteer ambassador team. If you would like to be interviewed for a future episode, email Katie at