Monthly Archives: June 2017

Can Seasteading Help in the Humanitarian Refugee Crisis?

By Marcus Brancaglione Marcus is Founder and current President of the NGO ReCivitas, a think tank that develops innovative social technologies, widely published academic journals, books, conference materials and university extension courses and extension publications (developed through classes under his professorship). Since 2008, he has worked on the development of policies regarding Basic Income Guarantee, referenced in […]

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Seasteading Press: Left, Right, Green, Feminist and Free

  2017 has proved to be the turning point for seasteading. The book and our efforts in French Polynesia have been featured across the political spectrum in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, The New Republic, ABC, BBC, Reuters, KQED, EcoWatch, FEE, Guernica and a long list of other major new sources. The world’s first seastead should open in 2020 instead of […]

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