Monthly Archives: January 2017

“We are the Blue Frontier,” says spokesman for French Polynesia Government

“We have solutions to bring the world.” Spokesman for the French Polynesian government articulates his extraordinary vision for Floating Islands in an unedited spontaneous interview Mere days after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with The Seasteading Institute on behalf of President Fritch, government spokesman and Minister of Housing, Jean-Christophe Bouissou, arrived home to express his global vision for a floating innovation hub on TNTV in Tahiti.And […]

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Government of French Polynesia Signs Agreement with Seasteaders for Floating Island Project

SAN FRANCISCO —  On Friday, January 13, The French Polynesian government officially signed an historic agreement with nonprofit The Seasteading Institute to cooperate on creating legal framework to allow for the development of The Floating Island Project.  The legislation will give the Floating Island Project it’s own “special governing framework” creating an “innovative special economic […]

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Sustainable Community Summit

[From the desk of Joe Quirk] I want to give you a free pass to an on-line event that offers a sneak preview of the seasteading book – and could also help us earn some funds. I was first captivated by seasteading for its potential to unleash political startups on a mass scale, but when I met the entrepreneurs who plan […]

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