September 13, 2013

$20k goal reached; now what?

A big thanks to all of our contributors for helping us surge past the $20,000 goal with more than a week remaining in our Indiegogo campaign. With matching funds from the Thiel Foundation, the design and feasibility component of our Floating City Project is fully funded! We are grateful for your support and look forward to sharing DeltaSync’s design and report with all of you.

There are two primary reasons to still donate if you haven’t already – each as important as raising funds for the design. 1) We have all seen ultra-successful crowdfunding campaigns – our community has the opportunity to signal our combined strength and market demand to those who will invest in the development of the seastead. 2) Additional donations will be allocated to the diplomatic component of our Floating City Project (see below), seeking a host nation for our floating city.

Please keep sharing this campaign with your network and encourage your contacts to give.

Floating City Project: Diplomacy

We are seeking meetings with influential people in governments of coastal nations across the globe. We have identified 20 countries we believe would consider hosting a seastead within their territorial waters, while still granting the city substantial autonomy. Our list of countries is being kept confidential for the time being, to prevent media and other second-hand sources from misrepresenting our intent or presuming we have secured a deal with one of the nations.

There are several reasons for seeking a host country for the first floating city. 1) It will be less expensive to build a seastead engineered for relatively shallow and calm waters, 2) it will be easier for residents to travel to and from the seastead, as well as to acquire goods and services from existing supply chains, and 3) a host nation will be able to protect a city within its territorial waters from interference by other nations.

If you are able to connect us with influential people in a coastal nation as a foot-in-the-door for more formal meetings with government officials, please contact Randolph Hencken at

Onward to a floating city!

When we complete the first phase the Floating City Project we will work with a partnership of investors and developers to further our plans and ultimately begin building the world’s first floating city before the end of the decade.

Thanks again everyone! We are thrilled by the show of support.