Monthly Archives: July 2013

New feasibility study: Semi-submersible, “mini-modular” plaftform

Seasteading demands a nimble balance of practical present technology and untested innovation. Our latest engineering study, part of our Floating City Project, attempts to strike this balance by examining the feasibility of using a semi-submersible as the platform for the first open-ocean community. “Semi-subs” are state-of-the-art existing technology for deepwater drilling and worker accommodation – their comfort […]

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Blueseed Rides the Bitcoin Wave: Dan Dascalescu Conference Talk

Blueseed has made it a long way towards becoming the world’s first seasteading venture to launch, and was recently bolstered by a $100,000 bitcoin-equivalent investment from the BitAngels, a Bitcoin-focused angel investor group. What do Blueseed and Bitcoin have in common? Besides being innovative solutions to out-dated rules and institutions, both Blueseed’s visa-free startup incubator and Bitcoin’s digital […]

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