Monthly Archives: January 2013

One of these things is not like the others

Dan Amira, a writer for New York Magazine, apparently picked up on the Washington Times angle to seasteading, featuring our mission alongside plans for four other so-called conservative utopias. While the label of conservative can be fairly applied to a concept like “The Citadel,” which explicitly discourages liberals from applying to their walled-compound-with-mandatory-militia-training, we wish […]

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Response to The Washington Times

Today the Washington Times published, “Citadel, Glenn Beck’s Independence, USA, PayPal’s Thiel lead right’s utopian experiments” by author Patrick Hruby. Here is the letter I sent to Hruby in response:   Dear Mr. Hruby,   I am writing from the The Seasteading Institute to express deep disappointment in your article, “Citadel, Glenn Beck’s Independence, USA, […]

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Voice & Exit event launches Indiegogo campaign

Several members of the seasteading community recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to support the Voice & Exit event in Austin, TX, to be held on Saturday, March 9, 2013 (in parallel with the SXSW interactive conference). The event is designed to bring people together in celebration of big ideas, social entrepreneurship and radical community formation. Speakers will […]

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Engineering Research Interns Wanted

With the start of the Spring semester upon us, The Seasteading Institute is seeking student participation through academic research projects and internships. This is an excellent opportunity to engage with an exciting, world-changing movement, while gaining knowledge and honing skills that can assist future engineering careers. Interested students, professors, faculty and advisors should contact Our five-year engineering research plan includes several […]

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Seasteading Article Hits #1 on Gizmodo Japan

On New Year’s Eve, Gizmodo Japan published an article about seasteading which has become the #1 most popular story on the tech news website. We think this bodes well for the continuing rise in the international recognition of our burgeoning movement in 2013. While previous stories on seasteading have been published in Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, […]

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