Monthly Archives: December 2012

20 under 20 Thiel Fellowship Application Deadline Dec 31.

Think about the smartest teenager (under 20) you know. Is this person passionate about science, technology, or entrepreneurship? Perhaps this person can create a business or technology that advances seasteading. The 20 under 20 Thiel Fellowship offers $100,000 grants and lots of advice to smart innovators who are ready to pursue their dreams. It costs […]

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Why Are You Seasteading?

Why seastead? Joe Quirk, co-author of the forthcoming seasteading book, has more than a couple of reasons. Joe was one of dozens who attended The Seasteading Conference 2012 in San Francisco, which brought together dedicated adventure seekers and entrepreneurs looking to transform the ocean into the next frontier for humanity. Every great change throughout history […]

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Response to Seasteading Coverage on NPR’s All Things Considered

NPR’s All Things Considered is the latest prominent news show to take an interest in seasteading. Earlier today, the program aired a six-minute segment titled, “Don’t like the government? Make your own, on international waters“; we are grateful to the segment’s producer, Laura Sydell, for her more than year-long effort to put the story together. […]

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The Seasteading Institute December 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends of The Seasteading Institute, It was merely one decade ago that Patri Friedman began to toy with the idea of seasteading. He imagined futuristic governments competing for citizens, who would use the fluidity of the ocean to sail their homes between city-states – choosing on the basis of which rules and communities are […]

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Vote With Your Boat

“Vote With Your Boat” is a short promotional video created by Gaston and Daniela Blanchet, of Humanity.TV. Their project is an interactive tablet series set to bring authenticity back into travel by showcasing local stories for a new media audience. The HD footage and interviews provide an easy-to-share introduction to seasteading for the uninitiated in […]

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