Monthly Archives: October 2012

Miguel Lamas Pardo Presents Seasteading Dissertation at University Francisco Marroquin

On October 29, Miguel Lamas Pardo will be presenting his PhD dissertation, “Establishing Offshore Autonomous Communities: Current Choices and Their Proposed Evolution,” at the University Francisco Marroquin (UFM), a leading Central American educational institution located in Guatemala. UFM is known as a leading light promoting free thought and free societies. They have awarded Honorary Doctoral Degrees to […]

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Ocean Fertilization Project Raises Questions

The ocean has seen significant changes over the last few centuries, as fishing and dredging have pushed natural ecosystems to their limits. Regions that once supported abundant fish populations have become deserted, and communities that depend on fishing for their livelihood are suffering as a result. The Seasteading Institute advocates for more rational ocean policy, […]

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California Maritime Academy Welcomes Seasteading on Campus

The Seasteading Institute was recently invited to present our mission to students and faculty at the California Maritime Academy, one of seven degree-granting maritime programs in the United States. The Academy is located in Vallejo, California, conveniently close to our Oakland office, and we have been privileged to build relationships with both student volunteer researchers and […]

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RIP Prince Roy Bates, Founder of the Principality of SeaLand

The Seasteading Institute extends its condolences to the family of Major Paddy Roy Bates, Founder and Prince of the Principality of Sealand. Sealand, the former military turret declared sovereign and occupied for many years by Bates and his family, has served as encouragement for many seasteading supporters; long before the term ‘seasteading’ was used to […]

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SF Chronicle on Blueseed’s novel immigration solution

As access to information increases and initial startup costs decrease, people from around the world are looking at high-tech entrepreneurship in a new light. A recent article featured on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website highlights this new reality, and points to immigration restrictions as an obstacle to international collaboration and technological progress. The piece lends important […]

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