Monthly Archives: September 2012

New Law & Policy Advisor O. Shane Balloun Publishes Updated Seasteading Paper in USF Maritime Law Journal

The Seasteading Institute is very excited to announce O. Shane Balloun* as the newest addition to our Law & Policy Board of Advisors. Balloun was an early contributor to the Institute’s mission, authoring a critical piece of seasteading legal research titled, The True Obstacle to the Autonomy of Seasteads: American Law Enforcement Jurisdiction over Homesteads on […]

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Charter the Seasteader I, 230 foot seaworthy ship

The Institute has acquired The Seasteader I, a seaworthy, 230-foot ship from a generous donor. We are actively pursuing preliminary proposals to charter the ship. As a non-profit, we are able to offer this vessel at substantially below market rates to a group whose use will advance our mission of establishing permanent human habitation on the […]

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