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The Seasteading Institute June 2012 Newsletter

Dear Friends of The Seasteading Institute, Those of us who attended The Seasteading Conference 2012 can practically taste the refreshing salty air that will one day surround our homes. The convergence of experts, ideas, and perspectives that took place in San Francisco earlier this month has left me more inspired than ever about the Institute’s […]

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Maritime Executive Reports on the Seasteading Conference 2012

Reverberations from the Seasteading Conference 2012 are already making a clear impact.¬†The Maritime Executive, a leading industry magazine, recently published a story on the event and coming “Blue-Tech Revolution,” led by groups like The Seasteading Institute. We think this signals the beginning of a new era for the seasteading movement, characterized by stronger partnerships with […]

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Seasteading Conference Makes Front Page of SF HuffPo

The success of the Seasteading Conference has generated a flurry of media coverage, including a front-page story on the Huffington Post, San Francisco edition. The unmistakable all-caps headline reads “THE NEXT FRONTIER: ‘Floating Cities’ Convention Takes Over San Francisco,” and the story below details the high-caliber group of attendees, along with a brief description of […]

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