July 19, 2011

Engineering report released: “Parametric Analysis of Candidate Configurations for Early Seastead Platforms…”

For the past half-year or so, The Seasteading Institute has been toiling away on an engineering study that’s aimed at identifying the most promising configurations for early seastead communities. We’ve looked at three different hull configurations (ship, barge and semi-submersible) in a range of sizes to accommodate as few as 100 to as many as 5,000 seasteaders. To document the first phase of this work, we have just published a report entitled “Parametric Analysis of Candidate Configurations for Early Seastead Platforms, Part 1: Platform Configurations and Cost Estimates” (20 mb, loads slowly), written by George Petrie, TSI Director of Engineering and former Professor of Naval Architecture at Webb Institute. By mid-August, we will follow-up with a report on the remainder of the study, which evaluates the relative performance of each candidate configuration.