May 14, 2011

The Seasteading Institute Seeks GIS Specialist

The Seasteading Institute is seeking a GIS Specialist to evaluate potential seasteading locations. We have a GIS data model which we use to evaluate potential seasteading locations. We need somebody proficient with GRASS (preferably) or ArcGIS who is able to fulfill occasional requests to implement changes to the model, run the model, and prepare the outputs.

The ideal candidate should:

  • Have strong technical experience using GRASS, ArcGIS, or a similar package
  • Have a Master’s degree in GIS
  • Have experience with raster layers, public oceanographic datasets and file formats, and overlay analysis
  • Have the initiative to creatively solve problems (sourcing and patching holes in new data layers, working through technical problems w/the GIS software, etc.)
  • Be passionate about seasteading

We anticipate that work will come in short bursts at hard-to-predict intervals. Our best guess is that a burst may be from 5-40 hours over the course of a few weeks. We’ll likely have an immediate burst of work, followed by a couple more throughout the summer, and it’s harder to predict after that.

Interested seasteaders should send a resume and a brief statement of interest to