December 9, 2010

Help The Seasteading Institute meet our $250,000 challenge!

We’re launching our 2010 end-of-year fundraising drive to help us meet the Thiel Foundation’s $250,000 matching grant by December 31st. Please help us reach our goal! Below is the fundraising letter we’ve sent to seasteading supporters.


The Seasteading Institute believes that innovation through competition creates a better world for everyone. Every day, we work to bring innovation to where it is most sorely needed — in politics. Seasteading communities will allow the next generation of pioneers to peacefully test new systems of government on the ocean. Those found to be successful can then inspire change in governments around the world. Today, the lack of an open space for political experiments is limiting human progress, which is why The Seasteading Institute seeks to open a new frontier for civilization. But to succeed, we need your help.

The Thiel Foundation has sponsored a $250,000 matching grant for The Seasteading Institute in 2010. This is a great opportunity to fund our research and movement-building efforts, but to get each dollar from the Thiel Foundation, we have to raise a dollar from supporters like you. Thanks to your generosity, our donations for the year currently stand at almost $200,000 — but the clock is ticking, and on December 31st, the match will end.

Seasteading will create opportunities for more effective, more human government policy than we have today. Imagine, for example, a cutting-edge medical facility offering experimental treatments to terminally ill patients. On a seastead, the decision to treat could be based on the patient’s educated decision about the benefits and risks, not on the whim of some distant bureaucrat. Or consider the economic opportunity that the explosive growth of Hong Kong and Singapore have created for their citizens in recent decades — and then imagine that opportunity multiplied a hundredfold by seastead cities in coastal areas worldwide.

Pioneering the oceans could unlock incredible human potential. But to get there, we need your help.

Your contributions will fuel The Seasteading Institute’s 2011 research and movement-building programs. Our research program seeks to address the key challenges facing the first seasteads: engineering challenges of structural cost and comfort, the many legal challenges faced by seastead operators, businesses, and citizens, and the business challenges of ensuring that a seastead is financially sustainable. We’ll also continue building a larger, stronger seasteading movement, spreading awareness through publication of a mainstream seasteading book, and launching official Seasteading Chapters that can recruit and engage seasteading supporters at the local level.

The vision of seasteading is an urgent one. We can already see that existing political systems are straining to cope with the realities of the 21st century. We need to find the next generation of governance technologies: banking systems to better handle the inevitable financial crises, medical regulations that protect people without retarding innovation, and democracies that ensure our representatives truly represent us. Humanity needs seasteading — and seasteading needs you. Below you can find multiple ways to support The Seasteading Institute:

Seahorse $35/yr Bumper sticker
Jellyfish $100/yr All of the above, plus:

  • Seasteading Polo Shirt
Octopus $240/yr or $20/mo All of the above, plus:

  • Reduced price for events
  • Print versions of our research papers (available upon request)
Dolphin $1,000/yr or $83/mo All of the above, plus:

Argonaut $10,000 lifetime total All of the above, plus:

Please contact us if you would like to make a donation of more than $10,000, donate stock, or include us in your planned giving. We are committed to establishing close relationships with all our member-donors.

For a list of our top donors, click here.

Interested in donating without signing up for a membership? Just click the “Donate Now” button below. Donations to The Seasteading Institute are handled securely through PayPal.

To learn more about how you can contribute, please visit Thank you for time and support.

Patri Friedman
Executive Director
The Seasteading Institute

P.S. Remember, we need your support by December 31st to receive The Thiel Foundation’s $250,000 matching grant. Donations are tax-deductible. Please make your contribution today at!