Monthly Archives: November 2010

Seasteads Saving Lives: The Story of Harrison

One of our current projects is working on how to communicate seasteading to a broader audience in a more emotionally compelling way. As an experiment, we tried writing stories from the future about the positive impact of seasteading. Here is Patri’s contribution:

It’s January, 2020, the city is San Francisco, and we’re in a doctor’s office where 7-year old Harrison has just been diagnosed with a rare type of childhood cancer. He has only a year or two to live. While his age is unusual, his plight is not.

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TSI Welcomes its new Director of Legal Strategy, Dario Mutabdzija

The Seasteading Institute is excited to welcome Dario Mutabdzija as our new Director of Legal Strategy! Dario will lead our efforts to navigate the highly unique and challenging legal issues pertaining to seasteading, including maritime law, legal restrictions on seastead citizens, long-term sovereignty issues, and more. Expect to see a seasteading legal overview whitepaper from Dario in early 2011, similar to our 2010 engineering overview.

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Ephemerisle Program Update

(We’d like to apologize for the delay in formally making this announcement. Some of you who are in the Ephemerisle community may have already heard about it informally. We have been behind on our communications over the last couple of months.)

The Seasteading Institute has made the reluctant decision to table its Ephemerisle program at this time. We are not currently planning events for 2011 or beyond.

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