Monthly Archives: September 2010

Global Wave Heatmap

One of the main [criteria in our location study]( is the worst-case wave height. Oceanography student Martin emailed us the [KNMI Wave Atlas](, which is a global heatmap of wave & wind data, trends, and variability, based on data from 1957 – 2006, at 1.5×1.5 degree resolution.

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TSI Doubles Sink or Swim Prize Pool & Extends Deadline by Two Weeks

TSI has officially doubled all of the Sink or Swim Business Contest prizes. The grand prize is now $5,000 up from $2,500, and the other prizes have gone up proportionately. The total prize pool is now $10,000! Word about this increase is still getting out, so we’ve also gone and extended the draft deadline by two full weeks! The total number of registered contestants is still low, so high quality entries will be very competitive.

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Residential cruise ships

A new development in the cruise ship industry is that of full-time residency. Currently there is only one residential cruise ship in operation, The World of ResidenSea. There are several more under development, including some with a Letter Of Intent for shipbuilding: Utopia Residences under Samsumg Heavy Industries, and Magellan under the STX-Europe yard of Saint Nazaire, France.

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