June 19, 2010

Ephemerisle 2010 Cancellation

We regret to tell our community that after much discussion this week, we are canceling Ephemerisle 2010 due to insurance costs. The estimate for insurance-related expenses has risen from an early estimate of $55,000 to a total of $135,000, with much of the jump happening a week ago. This caused us to take a long, hard look at Ephemerisle’s budget and the ROI of the event as a whole.

While we think that Ephemerisle is an extremely valuable part of the long-term strategy of seasteading, with input from our board, staff, and community we have decided that the price tag for Ephemerisle 2010 is too high to be a responsible use of funds. Instead, we will be directing the funds into other projects to advance seasteading – including trying to lower insurance costs so that we can hold Ephemerisle 2011.

It’s sad to be canceling such an exciting event, but as an organization with such an audacious mission, it’s inevitable that we will undertake high-risk projects, some of which will go poorly. When that happens, it’s critical that we be able to admit it and course correct. Our sadness is also tempered by the knowledge that our work at The Seasteading Institute is directed at addressing exactly the issue that stopped us this time – the high barriers to experimentation caused by current systems, like current liability law.

For more details, please see the blog post announcement.