April 1, 2010

Seasteading R&D Company Looking For Investors

> Hadean is a seasteading R&D company based in Singapore. Our goal is to create technology that will enable floating, indefinitely self-sustaining sovereign entities on the sea by 2024.

> Our belief is that business and not political ideology, will be the driving force that makes affordable seasteading a reality. To that end, our focus until 2015 will be developing and implementing new methods and infrastructure for aquaculture that will enable them to function efficiently without input from the land.

> Today, most fish farms are being crippled by rising labour, fuel and feed costs. We believe that we’ve found the solutions to all 3 of those problems with our self-raising cages, wave-power systems and selectively bred insect larvae.

> By reducing the required labour to 1/7th the industry standard and turning bakery waste into animal protein rich feed and valuable organic fertilizer we’re already expecting profit margins of up to 300%.

> All we require now is the capital to start developing electric boats and building modular floating platforms.

> Shannon Lim,
Managing Director,
Hadean International.

They are looking for SGD $10,000 in this round. Contact Shannon Lim, I visited one of their partner farms in Singapore last December. The two pictures are of their farm, and of their Cobia (one of many species they currently have in production).