April 15, 2010

Flotel 92

Many designs proposed for seasteading purposes suffer from the inconvenience of being suitable for calm waters close to the coast, but not for international waters, where waves, wind and current are bigger. But some lessons can be learned from these designs.

Some examples:

  • Barge/pontoon type structures seem to be a good solution for coastal designs and also for offshore designs deployed in up to 5-meter-wave seas.
  • IMO rules are applied in most floating structures: from coastal flotels to offshore oil platforms.

We include here one example: Flotel 92. This is a project of the 1980s from the old Spanish yard ASTANO, for a floating hotel with 1000 rooms. The main purpose of this design is to offer provisional accommodation to cities without enough hotel capacity when an important event is celebrated. In principle it was thought for events like the 1992 Summer Olympic Games celebrated in Barcelona, Spain.

You can pick up the full document here [google docs].