April 1, 2010

Ampere Seamount

One of the major challenges of seasteading lies in finding a location for a seastead outside of the EEZ yet also complying with the following requirements:

  • Close enough to other developed areas to be economically manageable and residentially attractive; and
  • in shallow enough waters to be able to anchor the seastead and (potentially) anchor a breakwater.

Thanks to the suggestion of Patri Friedman in his blog post called Fun with Google Earth, a possible location was identified close to Spain, Portugal, and Morocco. Patri suggested the Josephine Seamount. But after a more accurate study, another seamount could be even better: the Ampere Seamount.

In this report, we do a small study of that area with data and figures obtained in the last few days. All comments and contributions that could give more info about Ampere Seamount are welcome.

Editor’s note: The Ampere Seamount has in the past been cited as a possible location for "the Lost City of Atlantis", following the discovery in 1981 of what appeared to Soviet undersea explorers to be the ruins of walls and steps embedded in the seamount. –nthmost