March 5, 2010

Viver no Mar (Living in the Sea)

Recently, Portuguese reporter Vitor Hugo Alvarenga contacted us to find out more about The Seasteading Institute, as part of a feature for high-profile news outlet about the seasteading movement. Entitled “Viver no Mar”, the three-piece feature focuses on The Seasteading Institute, on SeaLand, and on the concept of seasteading in general.

From the article (translated):

The idea of a community that is installed on the sea is generally associated with libertarianism, political philosophy which advocates absolute freedom for mankind, something like anarchy-minded free-market competition. The Seasteading Institute, the project more viable for the future, is no exception to this trend.

Our “official” responses to the questions were shortened quite a bit (I really am not that terse!), but the feeling and message carry well enough. Vitor did a lovely job of packing lots of concepts into the small space he had to work with.

Links to all three articles in Portuguese follow, with a link to English translations.

If you are a speaker of Portuguese, try hovering over each paragraph in the translated pages to see the text in its original language. Google Translate does an okay job, but it’s far from perfect. If you can contribute a better translation, go for it! Contributing better translations is a great way to help connect more people to more information around the web.

Addendum: Mystery! We’ve never before seen this video embedded in the article about us. Have you? It’s kinda cool! Got the TSI logo in there and everything.