March 2, 2010

Research Update: TSI Engineering Assessment Report (part 1) released

Thanks to Eelco Hoogendoorn and a host of valuable community support, our first offical Engineering report is now available for general parusal. You can pick it up from our new (and still in-progress) Research page, or download the PDF directly here.

From the Preface:

This document is a high-level analysis of the engineering challenges involved in homesteading the high seas. The aim is not to provide a detailed design of a specific seastead, but rather to find answers to general questions, such as the cost per unit area of functional real estate.

Note: This is a first draft of this report. It is being publicly released for community feedback. Due to still being in a state of considerable flux and expected changes due to feedback, polishing is not yet high on the agenda. Please send any feedback you might have regarding content to