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The Plastiki Sets Sail to Glorify Waste

This past weekend, the Plastiki, a 60-foot catamaran buoyed by 12,500 reused plastic bottles, launched from San Francisco’s Pier 31. The brainchild of eco-warrior David de Rothschild and the product of four years of construction, planning, and media and sponsor outreach, Rothschild’s crew will take the Plastiki on a three-month tour covering over 7500 miles through the Pacific Ocean.

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Website Downtime

Last Thursday, our hosting provider had some problems which resulted in being down for some time–more than half a day. But not to worry–we’re back and none the worse for wear. We didn’t need to go to backups, so none of your discussions should be lost.

As always, we want to know about any problems. Please report any issues to!

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Fun with Google Earth


* [KMZ file of Seamounts](
* [KMZ file of EEZs](

And have fun looking at all the seamounts in international waters. Unfortunately, many of them do not have depth available – we will have to intersect with other bathymetric databases. But some do, like Josephine Seamount, just outside Spain’s EEZ, which has a depth of 150-170m.

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WindWard Looks Seaward: Incremental Developments in Energy and Community

Early in February, I met with Opalyn Brenger and Walt Patrick of [WindWard](, founders and caretakers of a sustainability research community in the middle of beautiful Washington State. They brought me to witness the final triumphant hours of an intensive weekend-long gasification workshop taking place at All Power Labs in Berkeley, California, where attendees and mentors were subverting modern diesel engines to the gasification techniques of the 1890s.

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Seasteading IMO and CLASS

This brief report studies the relationship between the seasteading concept and the rules applied at sea: mainly the relation with IMO and the Classification Societies. The author is not an expert in each of the subjects, but has tried to give a general overview of the concepts. Research should be conducted more deeply together with each of the organisms. Any type of feedback is greatly appreciated.

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The Seasteading Institute March 2010 Newsletter

## The Seasteading Institute March 2010 Newsletter ##

>_A mountain is composed of tiny grains of earth. The ocean is made up of tiny drops of water. Even so, life is but an endless series of little details, actions, speeches, and thoughts. And the consequences whether good or bad of even the least of them are far-reaching._

## Table of Contents ##

* Highlights
* Double Your Donation
* Engineering Research Published
* 2010 Ephemerisle: Save the Date!
* Hired!

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