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Engineering Parallels Between Ephemerisle & Seasteading

There are a wide variety of opinions in the seasteading community about whether Ephemerisle is a plausible path to full seasteading. [Here’s my pre-event pitch of why Ephemerisle is useful]( Post-event, I have an additional thought.

Our [Ephemerisle]( structure and setup basically worked as plan, with a few exceptions. One is that it took longer than we expected, and was not completed by the noon Friday starting time (although everything did come together for Saturday evening).

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Seasteading is the cure for post-Avatar Depression?

[LA Snark reports on post-Avatar Depression]( (complete with television news report), and how to deal with it. Solutions include:

* Make some real life friends.
* Stop hanging out with negative people
* Be interesting

And finally, most relevant to us:

> **Get outta Dodge**. Seriously, pack up and leave. This is easier for some more than others, but if you’re bored out of your mind in your current life, sometimes sticking your roots (or tail) in a new, unfamiliar land can be exactly what you need.


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M.U.L.E. – steading

Peter Boothe writes about this classic computer game from the mid-80s:

> a nonviolent economics game with both zero-sum and positive-sum aspects where people compete to be the best possible homesteaders in a scifi environment made me think of you. The game is quite fun, and I recommend it.

The game [can be downloaded free](, and played online. Enjoy!

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Engineering talk

The talk I held at the 2009 Seasteading conference is up! Thanks everyone who was there, for the interesting discussions we have had afterwards.

Some comments on the then and now: I unfortunately no longer have the confidence in this concept I had back then, for the reasons explained below:


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