September 8, 2009

The Art Of Ephemerisle

Here’s a quick preview of the art projects that have been awarded Ephemerisle grants so far:

Exercise Ball Platform by Kipp McMichael and Trea Grillo
A triangular-shaped floating platform buoyed by 12 x 65cm exercise balls. One side of the triangle will be docked to the main festival platform.

Lotus Tree Light Project by Anja Ulfeldt
Inspired by the geometry of nature, the lotus tree lights would grow up from the water of the Delta and illuminate the night with a soft white glow. During the day they would be bright white geometrix forms floating on the lagoon.

Modular Sea Serpent by Dav Yaginuma
A sea serpent on simple platform that fits one driver. powered by electric motor. The ‘engine’ component consists of a head and one hump. Additional humps are attached by rope and pulled behind. Each hump can accomodate one rider.

Solar Powered Trimaran by Anton Berteaux
A solar powered trimaran made from a sea kayak and aluminum tubing for dual outriggers. The outriggers allow for solar panel mounting, and also provide structure for the sail.

Ephemerisle Swing by Dav Yaginuma
A swing mounted on one of the platforms such that the bar overhead is close to the edge allowing most of the forward swing arc to be over water. The swing seat will be removable and only attached during high tide periods. It should be safe to swing from this and jump off over the water.

Lilies & Light Fountains by Beau Smith
A 100 foot line behind the boat will consist of 14 glowing water lilies and 7 floating light and water fountains. The lilies and fountains would be attached in an alternating pattern to the line. The line will be pre-fitted with fasteners at various intervals such that the lilies and fountains can be easily removed for storage.

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