August 26, 2009

Conference & Ephemerisle Updates

The [first Ephemerisle Newsletter]( can be found over at [the Ephemerisle blog](, and here’s our first conference update:

### Deadlines Approaching

The deadline for [early registration for the conference]( is September 13th, at which point rates will increase. That is also the deadline for [discounted room reservations at the venue](, so:

### Peter Thiel to Host Opening Reception

The Monday night cocktail reception will be at the residence of board member Peter Thiel in San Francisco, near the Palace of Fine Arts. All conference attendees are invited, and the reception is included in your registration. Non-conference-attendees can register for the reception alone for $100.

### Videotaping / Web Videos Of Talks

Many of you who are unable to attend the conference have requested that the talks be videotaped. Stanford University film student [Jason Sussberg]( has generously offered to film the conference, and we will put the videos up online.

### Call for unconference speakers!

We’ve reserved the last two hours of Tuesday, September 29, for audience-driven “unconference” talks.

An “unconference” differs from a more typical conference in that the agenda is driven by the attendees rather than by the conference organizers. For example, suppose you want to talk about “seastead propulsion systems”. You would submit your talk to the organizer, as would everyone else who wanted to talk. The attendees would then vote on which talks they wanted to hear most. If your talk received enough votes, you would be put on the schedule to speak.

So, if you have something to share, please [sign up](! Voting will end on September 21, and [voting for the talks]( has already begun, so vote early, and vote often. For more details, visit our [unconference FAQ](

### Speaker List

The speaker list is almost finalized. New additions include classical architect [Rodney Mims-Cook](, anonymous political theory blogger [Mencius Moldbug](, lawyer [Jorge Schmidt](, and TSI staff/volunteers/members Will Chamlerlain, Eelco Hoogendorn, Mikolaj Habryn, and Na’ama Moran.

Here is the [complete list of confirmed speakers so far](

Patri Friedman:  Opening Keynote (25m)
Executive Director, The Seasteading Institute

Peter Thiel: Keynote: Back To The Future (25m)
Philanthropist and PayPal co-founder

Michael Strong:  Free Zones: An Additional Option for the Cambrian Explosion in Government (25m)
CEO and Chief Visionary Officer, FLOW

David Friedman:  Legal Systems Very Different From Our Own (25m)
Professor, Santa Clara University

Joe Lonsdale: Seasteading and Wealth Creation in the 21st Century (25m)
Chairman of the Board, The Seasteading Institute

Sean Hastings: Experiences with HavenCo and SeaLand (25m)
Co-founder, HavenCo

Erwin Strauss:  How To Start Your Own Country (45m)
Author, How To Start Your Own Country

Rodney Mims-Cook: How Architecture Shapes Society (45m)
Founder of Rodney M. Cook Interests, Founding Trustee of The Prince of Wales’ Foundation for Architecture

Jorge Schmidt: Legal Aspects of Seasteading (25m)

Russ George:  Ocean Stewardship (25m)
Founder, Planktos Science

TSI Staff & Community:

  • James Hogan & Patri Friedman: TSI Strategy & Status (45m). Discussion of TSI’s corporate strategy, current initiatives, and recent accomplishments.
  • Will Chamberlain: Thinking Structurally About Government (25m)
  • Eelco Hoogendoorn: Seastead Engineering Overview (40m)
  • Mikolaj Habryn: Residential ShipSteading (25m)
  • Na’ama Moran: Medical Tourism On Ships (25m)
  • Patri Friedman: Ephemerisle Vision & Strategy (15m)
  • James Hogan & Greg Gioia: Ephemerisle Attendee Q&A (45m). Q&A with event organizers to help get the most out of your Ephemerisle experience. Last-minute attendees welcome!
  • Patri Friedman: Closing – Conference Recap & What’s Next For Seasteading?

Additional speakers will be added to this list in the near future.

**Speaker News**

* Rodney Mims-Cook’s Millenium Gate was [featured in the Sunday New York Times]( for hosting the Bank of America’s American Impressionist Masterpieces (see [press release]( Rodney will be speaking on _How Architecture Shapes Society_.
* Michael Strong recently posted on TSI sister blog A Thousand Nations, on [Gated Communities and Nation States: The Cartel Responsible for Global Poverty](

### Conclusion

We’ll be sending a couple more of these during September to keep you up-to-date with the latest conference happenings. As always, check back on [the conference webpage]( for complete information.