July 27, 2009

Launching: Vote With Your Wallet

As requested by several community members, TSI is pleased to offer the opportunity to [donate directly to specific projects](, each of which will help us answer an important open question about how best to make seasteading a reality. Here is an overview of the projects:

Oceanography Research ($4,000)

A well-chosen location will greatly reduce our engineering challenges. If we can find locations in international waters with low waves and/or shallow places to anchor, our task will be much easier. Expert research is required to identify the locations best suited to habitation. For more details, read our project overview.

Seastead Structure Research ($10,000)

seastead pitch platesWe face a major engineering challenge: how to build affordable, incremental, modular structures which can withstand ocean waves. Hiring an Engineering Intern will allow us to make cost-effective progress in this area. For more details, read our project overview.

Residential ShipStead ($4,000)

Our recent engineering strategy survey showed a strong interest in a ship-based venture as a first step towards seasteading. The Residential ShipStead project will research and prepare a detailed business plan for a residential ship. For more details, read our project overview.

For more details on the overall program, see the new Vote With Your Wallet page.