May 7, 2009

Future Islands: Art by Joy Lohmann

> There are many ideas of a better world floating around the globe. Some are realistic concepts or solutions for existing problems, others are pure utopias or fantastic visions, far away from realisation.

> And some are just alternativ ideas of life, wich express themselves for example as just “building a raft”, cruising a little bit or maybe living on it.
On this site, we collect and present interesting concepts and utopias for a better world as well as different projects related to rafts and artificial islands.

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Joy writes:

> I just want to let you know, that the “future-islands”, a floating miniature world made out of floating gardens will be launched and opened as an “Integrated Art”- Project on friday, 8th of mai, at 18 PM GMT+1h in Hanover, Germany. It is one part of the ongoing adventure of creating artificial islands as life-rafts and shelters, fishfarms, energy platforms and maybe even refugee destinations, to face the upcoming climate-related challenges.

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