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Holiday Fun – Seasteading Theme Songs

There’s a forum thread about [Seasteading Theme Songs](, including [my 80-song seasteading playlist]( Go suggest your favorite ocean, freedom, politics, pirate, etc. song!

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Some Take the Low Road, Some Take the High Road

DanB’s [Realist and Idealist Views of Basesteading]( addition to the wiki reminded me of the classic low-road vs. high-road distinction which always seems to come up when talking about seasteading strategy. I think this distinction and terminology is useful, so here’s a crack at a book section on it.

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TSI On The Discovery Channel: June 8th!

Set your DVRs to record [The Discovery Channel]( at 10PM on Monday June 8th (check local listings for local times). The series is Mega Engineering, and the episode is City At Sea. Note that they are putting the first 3 episodes of this new series into a 3 hour block, City At Sea is the 3rd of these 3 episodes. It covers several projects besides seasteading. We will try to get a video of our segment up.

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The timescale of ocean engineering

A friend of mine from college, a mechanical engineer (and one of the most brilliant engineers I know), has been researching ocean wind energy systems. We’ve been discussing his ideas, and some of his thoughts on the industry are worth sharing (emphasis added):

> At the DC offshore renewable energy (electricity from waves, tides and currents) conference, I found that only a COUPLE outfits (namely OpenHydro and Pelamis) were actaully getting anywhere besides just talking and burning up grant money. They had real hardware being demonstrated and ordered by utilities.

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The Seasteading Institute Announces The Winners Of The Seastead Design Contest

The Seasteading Institute has crowned the winners in its first Seasteading Architectural Design Contest. The Contest, which ran from February 1st to May 1st, invited participants to design the floating city of their dreams. The winning design was awarded a $1000 grand prize, and there were four additional $250 prizes for specific categories.

Seasteads are permanent, stationary structures specifically designed for long-term ocean living.

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Internships at TSI

The Seasteading Institute is now accepting internship applications.

We’re looking for brilliant young people with a passion for seasteading, political autonomy, and this, our twenty-first century experiment in government. The positions available are excellent opportunities for students or recent graduates in search of real-world job experience with flexible schedules, close working relationships with TSI employees, and, ultimately, a shot at transforming the way the world thinks of society, culture, and what it means to be a nation.

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