April 10, 2009

We have a final cost estimate for ClubStead!

The final engineering report is just about done, it will probably go up on Monday. Just wanted to update y’all with the cost numbers. The final design has 368,200 ft^2 of area, and 160,000 ft^2 of footprint (400×400), at a total cost of $95,300,700. This cost includes all structural elements, the hotel, generators, thrusters, fire safety, HVAC, fresh water system, and sewage.

That works out to $258/ft^2 of area, or $600/ft^2 of solar footprint, which is in line with our initial estimates. I had been concerned that the costs might end up being higher – as much as $350-$400/ft^2, so this is reassuring. Also, this is not only less than San Francisco prices, but much of the Bay Area – for example, [current Mountain View prices]( for single-family homes have a median value of $572/ft^2, [Palo Alto]( is $819/ft^2, and [San Francisco]( is $517/ft^2. This is very promising!

We will try to get cost estimates on ships for comparison over the coming months.

UPDATE: Apparently these figures don’t include some assembly and deployment costs. Stay tuned.