March 20, 2009

Spinning off dynamic geographic part of blog

As TSI grows, we plan to split off blogs by topic, so that people interested in political theory don’t have to read about engineering details, and vice-versa. As the first such forking, I am going to be spinning off the [dynamic geography related posts]( from here to a new blog. It will be about the topic area which contains federalism, seasteading, anarcho-capitalism, Mencius Moldbug, tax competition between nations, and other structural reforms to improve competition between government. Basically, government as an industry which needs more competition. Seasteading’s “dynamic geography” idea generalized. I plan to add additional contributors over time and make it a group blog

Anyway, over on my LiveJournal I have [a post about name ideas for the new blog](, and [a request for a volunteer editor](, so check them out if you’re interested :). I’ll post the new URL here when the blog is up.