February 10, 2009

Engineering Q&A Text online

Alexia sent us a text document with answers to all 19 of the questions from the February YayBoo list. I have added it to the [ClubStead engineering hub](, to which I also added a table of contents, as it is getting quite long.

As a reminder, we also posted [the webcast video]( It is quite boring and the sound is not good, so I really can’t recommend trying to watch it. We will make some changes to the A/V setup next time.

I am very curious to feel what the wave motions of ClubStead would be like. I wonder if there are any motion simulation platforms available that we could hack and program? Not to buy (they would be expensive), but just to borrow. I found a [list of manufacturers]( of such platforms, but we just need one we can borrow and hack. Anyone got one at their university?

Here’s a new YayBoo list for whenever we do our next Q&A session: