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Vince’s Seasteading Views

As you may have seen on the forums and [his wiki pages](, community member Vince Cate has been doing a lot of thinking about and working on seasteading. We met in Puerto Rico last week, and he had a lot of good ideas about the DIY approach and the benefits of single-family seasteads and community design, as well as the perils of using consultants.

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Building a Ferrocement Fishing Boat

[Ferrocement](, a composite of metal and concrete, is one of our favored building materials. Because the strength to weight ratio is not as good as steel, ferrocement structures end up being heavier and slower, but that’s fine for our needs – in fact, that’s just the direction we want to compromise. So I was interested to stumble across a free online book: [_Fishing Boat Construction: 3.

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Migrated to new host!

We just moved to a new website host, which should be faster and more reliable. Our previous (Dreamhost) was slow and often had serious problems under higher than normal load, and so this has been in the works for awhile. We had been planning to migrate in a few days, but when the site started crapping out again today, our volunteer sysadmin Ben went ahead and made the move this afternoon. We hope all of you will find the website experience to be improved.

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Stealth SWATH Ship – Free To Good Home!

The [Sea Shadow]( is one of the most famous SWATH ships – a black, futuristic looking vessel which was the basis for the stealth ship in the Bond movie _Tomorrow Never Dies_. Like our seastead designs, SWATH ships have high stability due to a low waterplane area, and a similar shape to the Sea Shadow is under consideration as a possibility for single-family seastead designs (our next engineering effort).

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TSI Website Team Manager

From James:

The [TSI website]( is a cornerstone of our strategy to grow the seasteading movement over the next several years. It is one of our primary ways of communicating our message to people unfamiliar with seasteading, and it serves as a community hub for enthusiasts active in the seasteading movement. There’s a lot of software development and maintenance involved in making it the most effective community-building tool possible.

We’re looking for a volunteer to manage our website development team.

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A bunch of rich white guys? So were the founding fathers – and their success brought freedom to everyone.

_(This is new entry for our extended FAQ section in the book, written by TSI’s Director of Development Liz Lacy)_

Recently I saw a blog post from someone who had heard about seasteading and was turned off by the idea, describing it as “a bunch of rich, entitled white guys wanting even more freedom and entitlement.” Now, I can understand that response, in fact I’d be lying if I didn’t say that my first response to the idea was somewhat similar.

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Volunteer overload – You rock!

I just wanted to share a recent email from James, our Director of Operations and Volunteer Coordinator, to current volunteers:

> Hello TSI volunteers,

> I’d like to give you a quick heads up about the progress of our volunteer program. This past week has been phenomenal — between our recent press coverage in Wired and CNET, and our networking at the BIL conference, we’ve doubled the size of our active volunteer team from about 10-20 people.

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Poll on 2009 Conference and Ephemerisle

This year we are starting conference work much earlier, so it will be bigger and better and less rushed. Also because Ephemerisle is a major, major undertaking which requires tons of coordination and planning.

We are working on the dates for these events, and we need your input. Please [fill out this poll]( (And there will probably be more polls to come as we continue to fill in the details. After all, the conference is for **you**, so we care what you want!)

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Engineering Q&A Text online

Alexia sent us a text document with answers to all 19 of the questions from the February YayBoo list. I have added it to the [ClubStead engineering hub](, to which I also added a table of contents, as it is getting quite long.

As a reminder, we also posted [the webcast video]( It is quite boring and the sound is not good, so I really can’t recommend trying to watch it.

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