November 5, 2008

There is another way!

Today, America goes to the polls.  Whoever wins, we will not be ruled by a tyrannical despot.  Whoever wins, we will not die by the millions of starvation. Whoever wins, there will not be widespread violence, or a civil war.  Democracy is a huge advance over previous systems – it is very good at minimizing bloodshed.

But let’s keep in mind some other things.  Whoever wins, a politician will get elected.  Whoever wins, a political technology largely unchanged for 250 years will march on.  Whoever wins, half the country will be furious, knowing that decisions about their lives will be made by someone whose views they profoundly disagree with.  Democracy is, at its root, a system where the majority imposes its will by force on the minority.  To some of us, that is fundamentally unjust.

There is an alternative.  If the underlying economics made it necessary to make all decisions at the level of 300,000,000 people, there would be nothing to do but grit our teeth and bear it.  But for the vast majority of issues, this is not the case.  There is no reason for uniformity in what medicines we are allowed to take, what marriage arrangements the state sanctions, what policies best balance equality and progress, or any of a wide variety of other policies decided at the state and federal level.  Instead of forcing the will of 51% onto 49%, we can, by forming small, voluntary associations, let everyone have what they want.

End the fighting.  End the force.  Join us, and work to build a better way.