November 11, 2008

October Snippets

We are going to switch to monthly snippets, as weekly seemed too often for such a small organization. In addition to posting them here, we are emailing them to the new Seasteading Announcements mailing list, as many people said they preferred email to blogs.  The list will receive a subset of the information on the blog: monthly snippets, social announcements, and major updates.

  • Community
    • We’ve started a mailing list for Ephemerisle planning.
    • We held the second Seasteading Social in Portola Valley.
    • We are considering holding the third social in Second Life, as an experiment to let people from all over the world participate.  If you are interested in volunteering to help coordinate this event, please email volunteers-at-seasteading-dot-org.
    • Bay Area Seasteaders Sailing Club members are tentatively planning to take sailing classes in January in Redwood City.  Join the list to join the fun!
    • Videos from the conference are available online.  (Slides are there too – my intro talk slides are uploading now).  DVDs soon.
    • Volunteer Coordinator Update from James (we’ll start doing these regularly).
      • Revised volunteer roles / priorities / system w/ Patri, created a volunteer database, established a placement process for ongoing volunteer roles.
      • Volunteer requests email list, and a 3d volunteers list.
      • Ben is on board as our sysadmin, Michael Dent on board as a programmer.
      • Ball is rolling with getting the conference videos distributed (thanks to Crasch).
      • Followed up with many more volunteers who had reached out to us over the past several months.
      • Key Unfilled Role: Membership Program Administrator.
    • Key blog posts
  • Engineering
    • Analysis of structure performance in waves off SF.
    • Meeting consultants next week to discuss architecture/eng updates.
    • Patent will be filed by end of year so we can show you pretty pictures.
  • Research
    • I talked to the director of MBARI about hosting a TSI researcher there.  They said no, as they currently have a space crunch, and they have no way of tracking spending by project (which lowers their overhead).  I will contact other west coast marine science institutions next.  If anyone has contacts at such places, let me know.
    • We’re considering setting up some prizes, see the discussion on this forum thread.  Participate there, or email wayne-at-seasteading-dot-org if you are interested in helping w/ the prize program.
  • Publicity
    • CNN Radio upcoming (3000+ stations worldwide)
  • Administrative
    • Non-profit app completed (finally!).  Now we wait 6 months to hear from the IRS…
    • Wrote 2008 Q3 Quarterly Report, with info on progress so far, future plans, and financial details.  Lots of info there.  Held the Q3 board meeting.
    • Accounting: updated books w/ all items to date, prepared 2009 budget estimates.  (See Q4 report above for spending to date)


2 Comments on “October Snippets

Carl Pålsson
November 12, 2008 at 2:45 pm

Are there any concrete plans for the secret seastead design? Like building it and raising funds by selling timeshares? What is the size of this project?

I personally believe that selling shares in a project could be a very good way to raise money. It´s so much easier to part with your money if you actually get something tangible in return, that you can use and perhaps even sell at a later date. Theoretically at least you could even make a profit from the deal.

November 13, 2008 at 1:59 am

While you are on the topic of means/methods of communication, you might want to consider a video channel.

I’m not sure if you guys have the time or capablilities yet for a fully fleshed out channel, but you could at least periodically post stuff like the conference videos.

I use miro to keep up with my video feeds, and if you could get yours featured on their main page it would gather a huge amount of publicity for seasteading and by extension the institute.

Just something to think about.

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